Entrepreneurship and or small scale industries development has been noted as the bedrock of economic development of countries. This entrepreneurship capacity building is very paramount if entrepreneurship and small scale industries can effectively contribute to the economic development of our country.

This is aimed at collaborating with institution in charge of building the capacity of entrepreneurial businesses that is financial institutions, educational institution, government agencies, international institution and in other institutions that offer management training and financial assistant to small scale businesses as a way of building their capacity for growth and development.

APSSI aim at urgumenting the work of this institution to help build the capacity of entrepreneurial business owners to enable them builds sustainable businesses for growth and development.

Thus most governments of all countries particularly the developing world, have come to accept the important of the entrepreneurship and have thus put the necessary support mechanisms in place to ensure the development of entrepreneurship. The categories of assistant for entrepreneurship capacity building includes financing, labor, development assistant, assistant with regulatory bureaucracy, start-ups advise, export advice and information sources. The building of the capacities of the entrepreneurs is paramount important because, until the capacities of entrepreneurs are build, it will be difficult for them to make the necessary contribution to the development of countries and Ghana for that matter.

Ghana’s developmental agenda hinges to a very large extent on the effective development of small business sector.  One of the significant characteristics of flourishing and growing economy is a strong and dynamic small and medium scale and enterprise sector. This can contribute to Ghana’s economic development in various ways, such as the creation of employment for rural folks and the teaming unemployed youth/graduate and providing desirable sustainable and innovative economy, since small scale enterprises do employ more people in economies, especially the developing world.