Reason #1: APSSI Is Your Advocate

APSSI embarks on policy advocacy geared towards improving overall corporate environment countrywide, especially reducing the cost of doing business; fostering international competitiveness; and Conducting surveys and sector studies that reflect your corporate interests.

Reason #2: APSSI Is Your Representative

APSSI fosters cooperation arrangements with a number of organizations; it also has representatives on at the seat of government as well as public institution committees and its voice counts in the collective search for appropriate solutions to challenges facing your business.

Reason #3: APSSI Offers Great Networking Opportunities

APSSI organizes training sessions, seminars, events and meetings that offer you and your business immense opportunities to interact with Counterpart entrepreneurs and executives and to network with other businesses.

Reason #4: APSSI Keeps You Informed

APSSI ensures that up-to-date business information, monthly newsletters and other publications are delivered either to your based on your most preferred medium or via website connectivity ( .

Reason #5: APSSI Promotes Your Products

APSSI organizes exhibitions in Ghana and partners other organizations within the Sub-region to actively promote its “CONSUME MADE-IN-GHANA GOODS” Agenda, thus creating avenues for new buyers and providing greater visibility for its members.

Reason #6: APSSI Connects You to the Outside World

APSSI creates an effective avenue for reaching out to such international business organizations.