About Us

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APSSI is a voluntary Association which was established in the year 2017 with the membership of five hundred and still counting.

The vision is to become the leading voluntary association creating opportunities for indigenous Ghanaian entrepreneurs (small scale and cottage industries) to sustain and expand their businesses.

The members are primary into:

  1. Food, beverages and agriculture
  2. Waste management, sanitation and cleaning services
  3. Soaps and other disinfectants
  4. Leather product
  5. Decoration, hats and beads making
  6. Paint and related products
  7. Herbal products
  8. Skills training and development
  9. Cosmetics
  10. Accounting / management consulting, IT and recruitment services
  11. Others



To be a leading voluntary organization providing requisite support to small scale and cottage industries in Ghana to flourish.


APSSSI exist to provide advocacy, capacity building, business advisory service, financial service, marketing services and employable skills to the unemployed, start-ups, existing scale and cottage industries in Ghana to build sustainable businesses.


God fearing, professionalism, togetherness, helpfulness, integrity, reliability, hardworking, possibility, commitment, responsibility, discipline and accountability are our guiding principles.


  • The Objectives for which the association is established are:
  • To provide a forum for full and free discussion of all matters connected with setting up and operating of small scale and cottage industries in Ghana.
  • To promote and encourage industries/entrepreneurship development and the interest of small scale and cottage industries in the country.
  • To encourage efficiency and high ethical standards of business among its members.
  • To act as a go-between the government and small scale and cottage industries and in particular make representation to the government of Ghana and other authorities and bodies on matters affecting the interest and objectives of the association and its matters.
  • Where possible to assist members in the purchase of machines and materials required for their industries.
  • Where possible to assist members in securing finance required for the operation of their industries.
  • To promote the export of the products of member’s industries.
  • To promote and encourage market and other surveys and the collection and dissemination amongst its members of statistical and other information and advice on all matters concerning their interests.
  • To establish and develop department/zones of the association as may from time to time prove desirable and in particular establish zones/desks to cater for the special needs of members.
  • To unite members in the bond of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding.
  • To affiliate and cooperate with organization in Ghana or elsewhere having similar objectives.
  • To collaborate with government of Ghana and other organization in surveying the requirements of small scale and cottage industries for skilled and specialized personnel and to promote, assist and advice in the promotion of schemes for the training of personnel whether local or overseas.
  • To undertake such other activities and other provide such other services as may advance the objectives of the association.

We will be delighted to have you join us.